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Car journeys, and particularly long trips, can be the stuff of nightmares for new parents and infants. Cars are obviously a big part in the life of many people, who simply need them to get from A to B. If that's you, and not going on car journeys with your baby would equal being stuck inside the house, we have some tips on how to make surviving car journeys easier.

Get your baby to sleep at home in their car seat, and then leave on your trip. This works well for shorter trips. If possible, have someone else in the back seat next to baby's car seat to soothe the baby if possible. If you are the mom, and not driving, it is possible to breastfeed your baby without getting them out of their seat. You can lean over and nurse. Good music can make a big difference. There's music that soothes your baby, and music that makes you feel just a bit better even if your baby will not stop crying for the duration of the trip. Make sure to dress your baby appropriately and change their diaper before you leave the house. A baby who is cold, hot, or wet is more likely to cry, obviously. Older infants may like to play with toys during the car trip. Babies who are already eating solids (six months and up is the best time to introduce solids to babies) often like to nibble on something during the ride. Think of non-messy foods to give to your baby while you drive. If it is really hot, your baby will benefit from air conditioning in the car. If it is really cold, conversely, heating sounds like a nice idea. Sometimes, your baby will cry during the car journey whatever you do. Get used to it it's not nice, but you do need to get places, after all!

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