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Diapers are, of course, of your list of essential baby items that you want to buy before you give birth. But, when it comes to diapers, there is a lot of choice these days. First-time expectant couples will also be wondering what size of diaper they will need. What do you need to know about newborn diapers before you go shopping?

If you are pregnant with your first baby and thinking about shopping for a diaper supply, you will probably, like me when I was pregnant with my first, have an immediate mental image of a newborn in Pampers, looking much like the baby in the picture above. You may also be assuming that you will need to buy diapers in newborn size. That sounds logical, doesn't it? Well, diapering can be a process of trial and error, and it helps to know a few things before you get started. We have some tips for you!

If you are set on using disposables, make sure to buy a few different brands of diapers. It is possible that your baby will be allergic to one of them, or they just will not fit right. It is important that the umbilical cord stump gets air, so that it can heal. You can fold the diaper down to facilitate this, but also think of buying diapers that have specially shaped tops to avoid covering the newborn's cord stump or rubbing against it, which could be painful and cause an infection. Get a few different sizes, since newborn size may not work for your baby. To an extent, an ultrasound during pregnancy can give you information about the size of diapers you will need. But those are not always accurate to determine a baby's size, either. Consider using cloth diapers or at least have a few on hand in cases you run out of disposables. Cloth diapers can be bought as one-size diapers with snaps that adjust to the size of the baby, making them last from birth to potty training.

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