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New parents might be wondering about the ideal way to dress their new baby during the summer. How can you ensure that she will stay comfortable, is protected from the sun, and yet avoid over dressing? All new parents need a little while to figure out what way of dressing works best for them and their baby, but we do have some general tips for you. And, after having had a summer baby and a winter baby, I can tell you summer babies are definitely easier to dress!


Unfortunately, many baby clothes are made out of synthetic fabric these days. They don't breathe, and make your baby sweaty and uncomfortable. Be on the look out for cotton fabrics that feel comfortable on the skin and allow it to breathe. There is not need to cover your baby up from head to toe, especially if you avoid the really sunny hours and go out before 11 or after 4 pm. A cotton dress, shorts and a t-shirt, or even just a onesie are all fine. Read more in our most practical baby clothes tip post.


Babies, especially those with very little hair, can burn in the sun quite easily. A cute sun hat, like the one in the picture above, helps make sure your baby's scalp and face are protected from the sun.

Sun cream

Though moisturizers and creams can contribute to heat rash, a good sun screen with no perfumes is very important. Keep your baby safe from those UV rays! OK, we know that this doesn't count as clothes, but in the summer, it is close enough! Look out for more natural products when shopping for your baby.


Babies certainly benefit from some diaper free time in the summer. If you are cloth diapering, try and go coverless those PUL or wool wraps can be really uncomfortable during the summer! Despite all of these things, babies can sometimes get really sweaty. Try taking a change of clothes whenever you go out to make sure your little one stays comfortable.

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