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No matter whether you are still trying to conceive, or are already pregnant, I am sure that you are interested in baby items. Clothes, diapers, strollers... What are the things that you really need to buy? What items do new moms find they cannot do without, and what is unnecessary to buy?

New mom's experiences vary a lot, but here is a list of baby items most new mothers and their babies will benefit from.

1) The first thing on the essential baby items list has got to be baby clothes. No matter what, you will definitely need these! The exact items you will need depend on the season your baby is born in as well as your personal preference. Some moms like onesies, while others prefer t-shirts or jumpsuits for instance. If you are not sure what you will like, your pregnancy is the time to splurge and buy a bit of everything. Do keep in mind that you will probably be given lots of baby clothes too.

2) Diapers, cloth or disposable. There are so many options out there, and what you decide to use in the end is a very personal choice.

3) Baby soap, and diaper cream. Don't overdo it with cosmetics because too much can dry out a baby's skin. When they are not dirty, washing a newborn with water is quite enough!

4) A crib is something everyone should probably have around, whether you end up using it or not.

5) A stroller or baby carrier means you are mobile. They can also both be used inside the home. If you drive, or even take a ride in someone else's car sometimes, an infant car seat is another definite must. Keep in mind that most hospitals will not let you leave unless you have a car seat. That is because driving a baby without a car seat is dangerous and illegal.

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