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Everyone who has seen a newborn has noticed how dry his or her skin is. It is because, a baby spends nine long months in the amniotic fluid in the uterus and after that, once they are outside, their skin becomes very sensitive. A couple of months are required so that the baby’s skin gets used to the external weather conditions. Its skin can have strong reactions to the outdoor temperature, dry air, dust and everything that our immunity is accustomed to. And above all of that, sweat glands are not functioning fully and the baby’s body can’t retain natural moisture, which is why, it is important to maintain the baby’s sensitive skin.

Newborn Dry Skin Treatment

The parents are those who have to take care of the baby’s hygiene, and that is why it is of high importance to keep the skin clean and hydrated. Bathing does not necessarily have to be done every day because you have already cleaned its face and body while changing the diapers, so it is advised to bath your baby two or three times a week. Because of the fact that baby’s skin will dry even more from the bathing, it is recommended to reduce the bathing time. The optimal bath for your baby lasts approximately ten minutes and the water has to be warm, but not hot. The perfect soap for your baby has to be the one with high moisturizer and fragrance free. After the bathing, you have to apply moisturizer on baby’s skin, but avoid creams that contain perfumes. If you like natural creams, you can even try using natural oils instead of the cream and the most effective are grape and olive oil. If you are enjoying with your baby on the seaside, then its skin will dry even more because of salt that is in seawater. So, you should rinse off the salt water from the baby with regular, tap water. Your baby’s body also requires a lot of water, and you can give it through the breast milk because the mother’s milk provides baby with food and water, and you should nurse the baby at every request. You should also protect baby’s skin depending on the weather. So, during winter make sure that you put heat, scarf and hand gloves on your baby; in the summer make sure that the baby is wearing summer hat as a sun protector. If the air in your baby’s room is dry, you should use humidifier. If you follow these advices, you will see in no time that your baby’s skin has improved, but if not, contact a pediatrician.

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