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The oil extracted from the fruit of olive tree is already well known to be very beneficial for health in general. And when it comes to the culinary purposes nowadays, it is the most popular substitute for the sunflower oil and the other oils that have been used for cookery in the greatest amounts. However, the production of the olives and olive oil is very well working business worldwide.

Health benefits for the digestive system

One of the most important characteristics of this, the most healthy and popular Mediterranean oil is that it consists of the monounsaturated fats, meaning that the atoms are associated via the double or triple bond in one molecule, unlike the polyunsaturated fats (there are more bonds per molecule). The point is that the simpler the molecule is, the body can decompose it and absorb the easier way. That is why, for instance, it is beneficial for the people who suffer from the gastrointestinal problems. Also, the olive oil helps the prevention from the malignant tumor of colon.

Because of that, it is the only oil that could and should be consumed when just squeezed out from its fruit. That technique is called the cold pressing of the olive oil, because it needn’t to be processed by some further methods, and the result is so-called extra virgin olive oil.

Treating the coronary diseases with the olive oil

Besides the use in culinary and its gastronomic values, this oil has a lot of beneficial nutrients for health, and because of that, it is very popular in the medicine and in curing and preventing some diseases natural ways. There are a lot of homemade remedies based on the oil from olive. For example, it maintains the normal level of cholesterol in the blood flow and helps in the prevention of the other coronary conditions. More importantly, if used in the virgin form, phenols and the vitamin E are that way preserved, and even the more beneficial effect is achieved.

As far as the dietary purpose is considered, besides the mentioned qualities, being rich also in antioxidants is very beneficial for any eating plan for losing weight the healthy way.

Additional advices

And, finally, it is good to point out some useful advices concerning buying and the storage of this oil. First of all, the extra virgin oil should be chosen instead of the pure olive oil, because when the etiquette says that, it actually means that the virgin (cold pressed) oil is mixed with the olive oil, which had gone through the process of extracting the oil using the heat. When bought, it should be kept in the dark and cold place, which, to some extent, imitates the natural surroundings of the olive fruit.

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