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What is yeast?

Yeast is the fungi used in bakery for the process of making the dough more aired. However, this fungus is also known as very common provoker of the infectious process in our organism. They are normally present on the mucous membranes, but, the problem happens when they start to multiply excessively from some reason and trigger the inflammation. Besides Candida (the different name for yeast), on the inner mucous membrane in the vagina, there is also the bacteria called Lactobacillus that makes the lactic acids which maintains the normal level of the living microorganism in the vaginal flora.

How to deal with it?

So, when there is the overgrowth of the yeast, first of all, this infection should be treated by attacking its very cause, that is, by supplying the vaginal flora with enough of the acid that regularizes the amount of the harmful and beneficial germs on the mucous lining. The bacteria that makes this acid is, fortunately, very available on the market, either in the supplementary form, or in the yogurt especially enriched with this bacteria. So, it should be emphasized that the exact effect of this bacteria on Candida is that it doesn’t annihilate it completely, but reduce their existence to the normal amount. That effect is, in fact, the effect of making their multiplication rarer and less probable. And, the most of the remedies are focused on the prevention of this infectious process.

These bacteria can be as well found in the form of the meltable and topically intended medications. In that case, it is especially effective for getting rid of the infection provoked by the overgrowth of Candida in women who are additionally infected by the HIV virus, according to some researches. So to speak, when the vaginal tablet is inserted into vagina and thus gradually melted down there, it is the most effective way of attacking Candida in the cases of the patients with already weak immune system. For the similar effect, there are also some products intended for the intimate hygiene, which are enriched by these bacteria, or by the boric acid, and the therapy should be inserted two times on a daily basis, for the period of 14 days.

As far as the remedies based on the beneficial herbs are concerned, their effect was examined mostly as the last resort in the cases when the conventional medicine failed to help and, additionally those were the examinations of their effect on the Candida infection in the mouth cavity. So, the irrigation agents enriched with the oil extracted from the tea tree or the from the cinnamon were the most effective. And, of course, the remedies based on Echinacea were very successful in encouraging the immune system, which will, thus, prevent the problem from happening on its own.

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