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A few words about the yeast infection

The yeast infection is very common in among the female population nowadays. It is actually, the infectious process caused by the outbreak or the abnormal multiplication of the fungus called Candida, which is already, naturally, settled on the mucous inner membrane of the female genital organs.

However, around three quarters of the female population in the U.S. suffers from this condition, and it tends to come back after some time and whenever the immunity is not at its best. Additionally, as all the fungal infection, it is very stubborn and persistent and it is very important to treat it patiently.

Besides the mentioned following troubles of this condition, the mostly pointed out indicators are the swollen lips of vulva, the painful and burning-like feeling when urinating and having intercourse, soreness, irritation, the vaginal discharge of the white color and which resembles the cottage cheese, and, of course, the constant itch. It is not recommendable to scratch, or to touch the vagina, since that way the condition will only worsen.

It is advisable to stay away from sugar, the synthetic antibiotics, the contraceptive medications and also the chemotherapy if it is prescribed, since these factors could raise the chances of getting the infection, and, therefore, the inflammation. This infection is also contagious, but only meaning that the risk of developing the infectious process is higher after engaging in the sexual activities with the affected person.

How to deal with the itch?

Luckily, there are a lot of natural solutions of how to ease the severe itching, and thus significantly lower the possibility of touching the genitals. These are the homemade remedies, and the most successful in getting rid of the intense itch is the simple yogurt. As the remedy, it is either intended, for the oral intake, or the topical application. When it comes to putting it on the affected spot, a sterile pad should be immersed into the yogurt and tapped over the swollen and itchy vulva. This process should be repeated for at least two times per day.

Besides this remedy, almost as effective is garlic, which is already well known as the powerful natural antibiotic, antiseptic and fungicidal remedy. Nevertheless, besides alleviating the itch, it focuses on stopping the process of advancing of the infection.

Also, one could deal with itch by putting the apple cider vinegar, diluted with little bit of water, over the outside parts of genitalia. The cold water also reduces the itch and it could be combined with the oils extracted from tea tree, oregano or from the olive leaf as well. Of course, when it comes to lessening the symptoms from the inside, the patient should stay away from the highly processed foods and the refined sugars and increase the intake of the fruits and veggies in the raw form.

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