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Yeast infection is the common name for the infectious process that develops inside the vagina, on the mucous membrane, and it is marked by the overgrowth of the already normally present fungus, which is medically called Candida. The response of the body is characterized by the inflammation which is followed by the increased vaginal discharge, which is of the white colour.

However, the symptoms of such the infection are very mild and hardly noticeable at the very first stages of the development and the only problem in curing this condition with the use of the natural remedies (such as garlic) is to start the treatment in the very beginning of the infection. Unfortunately, this is the point when only the mild itch and tickling are felt and only after the period from 48 to 72 hours, the indicators of the condition turn out to be really noticeable. That is, the secretion starts and it is somewhat resembling the creamy cheese and it is white. Additionally, the irritation and the burning sensation are felt on the outer lips of the vagina, which are swollen, too.

Garlic as the natural remedy

So, having in mind that garlic contains the high concentration of the antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal agents, no wonder it is the most popular home remedy for yeast infection. Nevertheless, it is also used in bakery for the same purpose, that is, for the removal of the possible fungi from dough; and the veterinarians also use the garlic for treating the same infection in cattle. And, the infection could be simply cured by placing one clove of garlic into the vagina for the overnight, or for the two nights if the infection is at the advanced stage.

The first notion of the progress of lessening the infection is the apparition of the less dense discharge and the less intense itch and irritation, of course. However, in the more severe cases, the clove should be cut in half and the process should be repeated for more than two nights. At this point, it is important to mention that the vagina should be kept dry and the individual must stay away from bathing during the infection because the moisture and humidity are the beneficial surroundings for the multiplication of fungi. It is also recommendable to put some little thread through the clove, in order to remove it easily, as a tampon.

Anyway, it is also important to know that all the powerful agents of garlic are lost, if it is boiled for one third of an hour, and it isn’t so beneficial when taken orally.

Besides the mentioned infection, garlic can also deal with the vaginal problems provoked by the entrance of the other germs, such as, for instance, the type B of the streptococcus, which usually happens in the pregnant women. But, the experiments have not yet confirmed the validity of this fact, because garlic cannot be patented as the drug.

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