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A few words about yeast

Yeast is one of the most frequent infectious processes caused by fungi, actually, yeast is the common name for the fungus that in the normal conditions lives inside our organisms and which is called Candida. But, whenever, the abnormal multiplication of this fungus happens from some reason, the infection and, consequently, the inflammation, take place. This overgrowth usually happens on the inner mucous membrane of the vagina, since the humid and warm places are very beneficial environments for the fungi, in general.

The secretion of the mucus

Nevertheless, as far as the most prominent characteristics of such the infection are concerned, the most pointed out, and the one which figures as the most important indicator of this health problem is the secretion. The secretion is manifested as the increased amount of the mucus from the vaginal opening and the quality and the color of it depend on the severity of the problem and the grade to which the infection has advanced. So, when the mucus is transparent to white and watery, there’s no need for concern, since it is the product normally present secretion in the vagina which has the function of protecting the tissue from the harmful substances. However, if the mucus becomes smelly, denser, accompanied with lumps, yellowish or greenish; and if it is accompanied by the itch and ardent pain, the medical attention should be sought, since these are the appointers of the infectious process in the vagina.

However, besides the indicators mentioned above, the persons who suffer from the infection caused by yeast, additionally feel the pain while having sexual contact and during the process of the urination. The secreted mucus is, in this case, sticky and dense, usually of the white color, which, in the advanced stages of the development, can become yellowish. Nevertheless, if the process is additionally complicated by the infection caused by bacteria, the mucus will turn into intense yellow or green dense liquid.

But, in the case of the males suffering from yeast infection, the most prominent symptoms are the ardent pain with itch of the genitals, which is also aggravated while having an intercourse and urination, while the secretion of the mucus doesn’t happen usually.

Of course, the condition is conventionally treated by the therapy with the medications that kill the fungi, which can be both, intended for putting them directly over the affected genitalia, and designed to be swallowed by the mouth. Also, very important is to maintain the proper and regular hygiene of the body, especially of the genitals.

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