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Facts about Numbness in Fingers

This uncomfortable state of affairs canbe triggered by several different factors. Most often, the problem iseither based on certain nervous dysfunctions or is caused by anobstructed blood vessel. Either way, this finger numbness, ifrepeated or persistent, can be a cause of problems and should not betaken lightly since, when neglected, it may trigger manycomplications and health problems.

Reasons behind Numbness in Fingers

The first of many possible conditionswhich may be causing the numbness in one's fingers is the carpaltunnel syndrome. This illness manifests through a pinched medialnerve in the wrist area of our hands. This pinched state, causes uspain, inflammation, discomfort and numbness, all of which we feel inour fingers as well.

Instead of being compressed in thewrist, a nerve may get captured somewhere in our spine. Thiscondition, also called radiculopathy, can take place in any givenpart of our spine. Nevertheless, one of many effects of thiscondition is the numbness in the fingers which we can, and often dofeel once affected by this condition.

One of the worst case scenariosinvolves being affected by leprosy, having bacteria in your organism,triggering numerous cases of physical debilitation, among which isthe condition this article is about.

Back to the pinching of the nerves orconstricting of the blood vessels, this can happen in the part of ourbody where our neck gets connected to our arm. This too is known tomake our fingers numb.

Alternatively, frostbite, being capableof constricting our blood flow almost completely due to excessiveexposure to cold, is capable, in these situations, to deprive ourfingers of sensations. Atherosclerosis, which is a conditionmanifested through excessive cholesterol being built up on the wallsof these blood vessels belongs to the list of possible culprits too.

Furthermore, people suffering fromdiabetes can experience this numbness too. Finally, again due toblood vessel constriction, one may suffer from a disease called theRaynaud's syndrome. Here, one's fingers become white and lose theirsensations, turning numb.

Therefore, you need to find the reasonbehind the numbness in your fingers in order to get treatedsuccessfully. That being said, seeking medical attention is the bestfirst step towards solving this problem. You should not wait, sincethe outcome of your prolongation may be the escalation of the problemitself.

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