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Numbness in the fingers and arm pain

An unusual sensation of tingling and numbness in the fingers along with arm pain can strike for several reasons. It occurs at night or day and can last from couple of minutes to couple of hours. A person who is suffering from tingling and numbness in the arm usually doesn`t have any sensation in that part of the body. This numbness and tingling is usually harmless but can sometimes have serious consequences.

What can cause arm pain and numb fingers? Numbness in the fingers and arm pain can be caused by many reasons, but one of the most common ones is pressure. It usually happens during the night, particularly if you accidentally apply pressure to your hand, by placing it under your head, and go to sleep that way. After some time, you will start feeling numbness and a tingling sensation. Any kind of an injury can cause the numbness and pain in the arm. Physical injuries like fractured fingers, elbows, and arm bones or other kinds of trauma (such as accidents) can lead you to have pain and numbness in your arm. Another cause of arm pain and numbness is triggered by damaging the median nerve, due to constant pressure to the arm or injury. It is called carpal tunnel syndrome and it is usually seen in computer workers, musicians and sportsmen. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is caused by damaged nerves affected by the immune system. It is still unknown what triggers multiple sclerosis, but here, the numbness and arm pain are usually experienced in one arm — a person may experience tingling only in the left arm and fingers, or only in the right arm and fingers. The next cause of the arm pain and numbness is also unknown and it is called a ganglion cyst. It is a cyst or a lump that grows on the wrist and it contains some fluid. The cyst is usually totally painless, but if you put it under some kind of a pressure, you can experience numbness, as well as pain in your hand. Tennis elbow is a condition in which a person uses the arm too much and too often. Those people are smiths, painters, tennis players, and others who make repetitive movements all the time. They can experience severe pain and numbness in their arm. One more cause of arm pain and numbness, specifically left arm pain and numbness in the fingers, is angina pectoris. It is a condition caused by coronary heart disease and it reduces the supply of oxygen to the heart. Its symptoms are shoulder pain, chest pain, left arm pain, and numbness in fingers.How can tingling sensations and arm pain be treated?

In case the tingling and numbness sensation in arm is present for couple of minutes, you don`t really have to worry. But if it lasts for more than a couple of hours, you should seek professional help. Medications, rest, or physical therapy can help you get rid of the arm pain and numbness.

However, surgery is sometimes required as is the case in ganglion cyst and tennis elbow if not successfully treated with painkillers, rest, and physical therapy. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs, and corticosteroids, as well as other therapies and medications. Treating multiple sclerosis takes physical therapy and several medications.

You should immediately visit a doctor if you experience arm pain and numbness due to angina pectoris, or you suspect you do. Pay attention to the symptoms that your body sends to your mind — other symptoms of angina include feelings of heaviness, pressure, burning, or squeezing. Angina pectoris, also called stable angina, usually happens when you exert yourself. If it's not your first episode, you will come to expect it.

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