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Many people are just not aware ofthe complexity of our body and they cannot even imagine what happens inside ofit. We usually take our body a little bit lightly not thinking about the complexprocesses that are constantly taking place inside. We provide ourbody with essential nutrients and oxygen though eating, drinking and breathing inorder to give the body enough energy to sustain itself. However many metabolicprocesses occur every moment in the body and in these metabolic processes, manysubstances are produced.

Uric acid

One of the by-products of theseprocesses is uric acid. It is a byproduct of the metabolism of purines, whichare nitrogenous compounds that can be found in various foods, such as meat products,mushrooms and fish. The main ingredients of the uric acid are carbon and oxygen, as well as nitrogen and hydrogen. Uric acid is a compound with strongantioxidant properties.

Once the body produces uric acid, it entersthe bloodstream reaching the kidneys, which then filter the blood and expelabout 75% of uric acid through urination. This excretion of the uric acid isimportant; otherwise, the high amounts of uric acid in the body can lead to theoccurrence of serious health problems.

Measuring of uric acid levels

The doctors usually order the measurementof the levels of uric acid if a patient comes with certain symptoms that indicate either some kidney disorder or joint pain. For the measuring of the uricacid levels, the patient should not consume anything four hours before the test, which involves taking of blood sample. Moreover, the patient is also warnedby the doctor not to consume certain types of medications before the test because they influence thelevels of the uric acid.

Normal levels of uric acid

It is considered that the normallevels of uric acid range from 3.0 to 7.0 milligrams per deciliter. While high level of uric acid in the bloodstream is quite a frequent incidence,low levels of uric acid in the blood rarely happen and they usually areindicators of the malfunction of the liver, some kidney disease or exposure totoxic chemicals. High levels of the uric acid in thebloodstream typically indicate either excessive production of the uric acid bythe body, or improper exertion of this acid by the kidneys through theurine. The medical expression that is used for high uric acid levels is hyperuricemia.

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