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Urine has crystals that are basically uric acid, which isremoved from the body in this form with the help from urine. The purinemolecules break down in human body and uric acid is just a waste product ofthis process. This waste is removed via urine, but the problem occurs if theamount of the crystals in the body is too great and it cannot be removed inwhole. The excretion rate is increased in this situation and the urine hasthese crystals, which suggest a problem with our body.


The purine molecule we have just mentioned can be found in foods like oatmeal,sea fish, anchovies, dried beans and meat, and they cause the increase of acidlevel in the body. There is a test used for measuring this level, which shouldbe in the rage from 3.6 to 8.3mg/dL. Hyperuricemia is the name used for aproblem associated with too high level of uric acid. The urine contains thesecrystals and the whole amount may suggest the problem's severity. Metabolicsyndrome, urolithiasis, uric acid stone, diabetes, cardiovascular disease,Lesch-Nyhan syndrome and gout are disorders most commonly connected with the increased level of uric acid. The crystals we refer to are calcium oxalate deposits, and they can also be calledseed crystals, and they are caused by inability of the kidneys tometabolize the uric acid in preferable amount, which causes the passing ofthe uric acid stone through the kidneys. If the crystals have not been dilutedat the urine acidic pH level, this issue is associated with uric acidcrystalluria. This problem causes the uric acid stones to be removed as wellvia urine. Test will be needed to confirm that this is the problem experienced, sincethere are other problems, such as calcium phosphate crystals, very similar touric acid crystals. Once a proper diagnosis is made, medications will be given todecrease the level of uric acid and these medications are usually based onfebuxostat and allupurionol. Also, the use of sulfinpyrazone and probenecid may berequired.


Diet is a good way to reduce the level of uric acid if the problem is detectedin early stage. Avoid fish, dairy products, poultry, red meat and other proteinrich food, along with alcohol and bread. Try to limit consumption ofvegetables such as cauliflowers, onions, carrots, beans, mushrooms, spinachand broccoli. Try to consume fiber rich food, such as cabbage, bananas, corn, avocadosand prunes, cherry juice, lime juice and try to drink baking soda, since theuric acid dissolving can be aided by this item. Also you might include vitamin C supplement and remember to drink a lot of water to dilute the levelof uric acid. If pain or other problem appears, go to the doctor and receive medications that will dissolve the level of uric acid in your body.

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