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How to deal with itin a satisfactory manner

As it is the case with justabout any variety of acid, uric acid too can be extremely harmful once it findsits way into the person’s bloodstream. The direct consequence of this is anextremely troublesome condition known as the gout. Once this kind of acid formsin greater quantities, it makes deposits of urate acid crystals in the person’sjoints. Due to the fact that the body is unable to expel all these crystalsquickly, the joints tend to swell and quite intensive pain occurs. One of themain culprits for the build ups of uric acid are those food varieties that abound in purines (chemicals that transform into uric acid once in the person’sbody). But this is not all; if this build-up is left unattended and notreatment therapy is taken up, it can lead to further damage of other vitalorgans such as kidneys, causing various kidney related diseases, as well as theoccurrence of stones. Again, if gout is not treated timely and properly, it can ultimatelylead to complete failure of the kidneys.


Certainly regarded asone of the best ways of protecting oneself from ill effects of uric acid is alteration of one’s diet and taking out the purine rich food varieties as much aspossible. Of course, prior to opting for any of the diet related changes ortaking up a new diet plan, be sure to visit and consult with yourphysician thoroughly.

The sources of uricacid to avoid at all cost

In case a person usedto consume alcohol on a regular basis prior to being befallen by the problem inquestion, it is high time to find a much more beneficial substitute. Such alcoholvarieties as hard liquor and beer are known to be extremely rich in purines,which are to be avoided at all cost. Coffee is also on the no-list, exactly outof the same reasons and sodas as well.

Meat varieties suchas pork, lamb, beef are known to abound in purines, therefore, they should be avoidedaltogether. In addition, such varieties as organ meats, as well as sweetbreads,meat-based gravies, broths and meat extracts are to be put aside as also. The reductionalso refers to veal, bacon, goose, turkey, anchovies,fish eggs, sardines, most fish, mussels, crab, shrimps, lobster and scallops.

Vegetables such asbeans, lentils, peas, spinach, rhubarb, mushroom, cauliflower and asparagus areto be added to the no-list as well, and so should the cakes, muffins and othersweets, which have in them white flour and simple sugars.

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