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What is uric acid?

Uricacid is a chemical that is naturally found in the body as it is one of the end products of the cell metabolism. It is the product of the metabolic breaking down of purines. It is water soluble, which means that it is dissolved in blood. The bloodstream will carry uric acid to the kidneys, where it will be filtered out and removed from the blood, deposited in urine and removed from the body by urination. If, for some reason, such as excess production of uric acid in the body, or insufficient removal of uric acid from the blood, levels of uric acid in the organism rise, then such physiological state of the organism can lead to diseases such as gout and various kidney diseases.

High levels of uric acid in the body are referred to as hyperuricemia. This condition can worsen conditions like diabetes, leukemia and hypertension. In persons who do not suffer from kidney failure and their capacity for removal of uric acid is not impaired, hyperuricemia is usually caused by regular intake of foods that are rich with purine. Conditions such as hypoparathyroidism (failure of parathyroid gland) and lead poisoning, as well as side effects of chemotherapy may lead to increase in levels of uric acid.

Diet for reduction of uric acid levels

Onenatural way to decrease levels of uric acid in the body is to reduce intake of foods that are rich with purines. Beside decrease of uric acid production, such diet can also have a beneficial influence on people who suffer from diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Low purine diet also helps to reduce the risk of developing diseases such as arthritis, gout and kidney disorders, as these are caused byhyperuricemia.

Whatcan you eat

Diet for reduction of uric acid levels should contain, among other, potassium rich foods. These include skimmed milk and yogurt, potatoes, avocados, dried peaches, orange juice, apples, bananas, kidney beans, yam, and others. Foods rich in complex protein are also recommended. These include parsley, cabbage and tomatoes, tofu, berries, bananas, tea, celery and others. Foods that are low in purines include peanut butter, tart cherries, vinegar, eggs, butter, cheese, corn and others. It is also advisable to consume rice, pasta, whole wheat breads and cereals, pineapples, red cabbage and red bellpeppers.

Evensome guilty pleasures can be helpful. For example chocolate and carbonated beverages help to reduce levels of uric acid. Fatty acids abundant in salmon, flax, nuts and olive oil also help. Remember to drink plenty of water to flush your kidneys properly.

Whatyou should not eat

Youshould avoid with high content of purines. These are yeast, pork, lamb, shrimps, anchovies, hearts, mussels, sardines, and organ meats like kidneys and liver. Mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower, dried beans, peas, asparagus, turkey, goose and chicken have a moderate purine level.

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