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A case of a high level of uric acid can occur when an excessive amount of purines are broken down by a person’s body. A high level of the uric acid can be problematic because it often leads to health conditions such as gout problems, kidney failure, and kidney stones.

When a person eats a large amount of food that is high in purine levels, they are very likely to have high levels of uric acid.

However, there are several home remedies that can treat the problem.

The main thing to do in order to decrease uric acid levels in the body is to change the diet. It is most important to avoid foods that are rich in purine.

Drinking a lot of water will help as well. Water is good at flushing out all the toxins that build up inside of the body.

Cherries are a good food to eat when treating gout and uric acid problems. A cup of fresh cherries each day or some cherry juice is sure to lower a person’s uric acid levels, and they also work as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory food.

A regular intake of vitamin C is also very important for reducing the amount of uric acid in one’s body. At least 500 milligrams of vitamin C should be consumed daily for a least a month or two in order for the uric acid levels to decrease significantly.

Fresh fruits like oranges are good, and it is also recommended to drink some lemon juice every day.

Skimmed milk and yogurt can also help. A glass of milk every day can help decrease uric acid levels.

Vegetables also need to become a staple of a person’s diet if he or she has problems with uric acid.

Not only is it important to know what foods will help get rid of the uric acid, it is equally important to know what foods and beverages need to be avoided as well.

Foods that are high in purines should be avoided at all costs. These include sweetbreads, anchovies, sardines, liver, kidneys, brains, meat extracts, gravy, mackerel, herring, scallops, beef, pork, poultry, shellfish, fish, mushrooms, beans, peas, lentils, spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, oatmeal, wheat germ and wheat bran.

Alcohol and caffeine must be cut from the diet as well, along with red meats, processed and canned food products, and fried food.

Foods rich in potassium such as potatoes and avocados should be eaten, as well as fruits like apples and bananas.

Foods that contain complex protein, such as tofu, berries, bananas, tea and celery are also encouraged by doctors in order to decrease uric acid levels.

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