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Oxygen levels

Oxygen is very important for the survival of thehumans. When a person breathes, he/she inhales the air. Oneof the ingredients of the air is oxygen. The respiratory system, and especiallythe lungs, is important for the storage of the oxygen. On the other side, thecirculatory system also plays an important role in distributing the oxygen throughoutthe body through the bloodstream. The pulmonary arteries carry deoxygenatedblood from the heart to the lungs, where the blood takes the oxygen andthrough the pulmonary veins brings the oxygenated blood to the heart, which is thendistributed to all parts of the body.

The levels of oxygen represent the levels ofsaturated oxygen in the blood. Oxygen levels are very important since they canindicate certain problems with the lungs but also the levels of the hemoglobinin the blood. Furthermore, the infections present in the body or therespiratory diseases can be discovered through a good interpretation of thelevels of the oxygen in the blood. There are many other factors that cause the change inthe levels of the oxygen, such as pH of the blood and even the altitude atwhich a person lives.

Normal oxygen levels in blood

The normal oxygen level is considered to be from 95% to 100%. With this oxygen level the body cells can function smoothly. However,if the level of oxygen is below the normal level, it may be serious. The level of oxygen can be measured by various ways.However, in the majority of cases, the level of oxygen is measured by the meansof the blood test, which is called arterial blood gas test. A pulse oximetar may be also used for the measuringof the oxygen levels.

Hypoxemia is the condition when the oxygen levelsare below 90% and this condition is usually marked by the appearance of bluishskin.

Normal oxygen levels in children

When the oxygen level is measured in children, it isa painless procedure. The normal levels of oxygen in children are considered tobe at least 97%. This percentage is also considered to be a borderline tonormal and it means that even 97% of bloodstream must be oxygen saturated. When one is sleeping, he/she has lesser levels ofoxygen and that is normal. However, some people can develop sleep apnea, which ischaracterized by the considerable drop in the levels of oxygen while sleeping. When the levels of oxygen are changed in the blood,it always indicates that certain disorder is present in the body.

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