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Many gland and organs in the human body secreteessential substances, such as proteins, enzymes, hormones and many others, forthe proper functioning of the entire organism. One of the essential proteins inthe human body is albumin. The main role of this protein is to maintain thegrowth of tissues in the body, as well as to help in repairing the body’stissues. The liver is the gland that is responsible for theproducing of the protein albumin. Albumin can also be found in the blood and ithas the role to bind the blood constituents. Thus, the blood fluids cannotbecome separated and leak into the tissues. Therefore, when there is albumindeficiency, the blood fluids tend to disintegrate and build up in differentparts of the body. When it happens, edema occurs.

Normal levels of albumin in blood

The level of albumin can be simply measured by ablood test, since this protein is present in the blood. If the level of albuminis within a normal range, it means that the liver is healthy and functionsproperly. It is considered that the normal levels of thealbumin in the blood are above 4.0 grams per deciliter. Actually, the normallevels of albumin in blood are within the range from 4.0 to 5.4 grams perdeciliter.

Normal levels of albumin in urine

Since the kidneys have the role to filter the bloodand eject the waste material in the form of urine, sometimes it happens thatthe urine contains albumin. It is not normal that urine contains this proteinsince its molecules are too large to pass the kidney’s filters and are usuallyreabsorbed in the blood again. The normal level of albumin in urine is consideredto range between 0 and 8 milligrams per deciliter. When the urine test showsthe readings that are not within the normal range, it means that some kidneyproblem is present.

High and low albumin levels

High albumin levels usually indicate the presence ofthe respiratory disease, such as tuberculosis, and leukemia. Furthermore,excessive consumption of alcohol and dehydration can cause elevated albuminlevels. The main causes of low albumin levels are certainmedical conditions, such as lupus, arthritis, shock, celiac disease andmalnutrition. Furthermore, the level of albumin may be low due to dehydrationand acute diarrhea. It is alsoconsidered that certain drugs, such as androgens, anabolic steroids, insulinand growth hormone may lead to the occurrence of low albumin levels.

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