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Post nasal drip or “PND”, is a condition that acts mostly as a side effects of an allergy. It involves the mucus excrements from sinuses irritating the nasal cavity through which the mucus is expelled. It can last significantly long and be extremely irritating to both the nasal cavity and the throat.

Before trying to solve the problem yourself, commence in self-healing that is, you should consult with your doctor in order to rule out underlying allergies or possible diseases that may cause the PND. If there are some, the doctor will prescribe you a therapy which will, most probably get you rid of both the illness and the PND side-effect.

However, if the causes are unknown some of the following natural remedies may help.

A third of a teaspoon of salt mixed in a glass of warm water is a very good cure. After making the solution apply it by gargling. Repeat this procedure minimum twice a day.

Another way of relieving one of PND is by inhalation. For this herbal medication you will need a pot of warm water, salt, ginger and thyme. Half a teaspoon of ginger, two teaspoons of thyme and a teaspoon of salt finish the recipe. Vapors from the medicine should be inhaled while covering the pot and your face with a towel. It is important for the water to be nor cold nor too hot but rather pleasantly warm.

For bringing out the mucus form the nose use warm water, teaspoon of salt and a small amount of baking soda. Apply the solution nasally, using a dropper or a similar thing.

Drinking teas and fruit juices will help easing the PND by re-hydrating the fluid levels decreased from all the excrement expelling.

If your post nasal drip is and allergic reaction, discover what may be causing it by taking some preventive measures.

Use cotton-only bed and pillow sheets. Also, stop smoking or exposing yourself to tobacco smoke or any other nose irritating gases. During pollen seasons, do not leave any doors or windows in the dwelling opened, and use humidifiers while avoiding the usage of perfumes or similar scents.

Nasal sprays and other over-the-counter medications may be used and can be useful in reducing PND and cleaning the nasal area of mucus, making breathing easier and reducing irritation.

Finally, finding a cause is a very important thing when suffering from PND. However, leading a healthy life adn protecting yourself from all the possible causes of this disease may be the most secure way of protection and prevention of PND from appearance in your life.

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