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How healthy is lentil?

Lentil is a plant which has lens-shaped edible seeds which are considered to be extremely healthy as they contain many of the nutritious elements which are essential for everyone’s health, such as fiber, potassium, proteins, iron and vitamins B, and to name a few. Not only lentils are healthy but they are also very good when wanting to lose weight.

A way to put lentil to good use is to make lentil soups. Lentils soups are both very healthy and delicious, because lentil gives the soup that extra flavor and creamy rich texture.

How to make a vegetable soup with lentil?

A vegetable soup with lentils requires about a cupful of red lentils. As for the other vegetables, the soup requires about a couple of potatoes and carrots as well as some garlic, one parsnip and one onion.

These vegetables are to be mixed with four cups of vegetable stock, a cupful of milk, some oil and some preferred spices or herbs. It is useful to remember that the milk and stock are to be added gradually and slowly, as their quantity is not fixed and it rather depends on the person’s taste.

While some people enjoy a soup that is really nice and thick, others might prefer a more watery one. The latter ones should add more of these ingredients than specified above.

Preparing this soup is not at all difficult. The thing to start off with is peeling the vegetables and slicing them into smaller chunks, all the while the oil is being heated in a pan that should be as large as possible.

When it’s hot enough, garlic and onion are to be added and held there until they are really soft. After them come the lentils and soon after them the vegetables should be added to the mix. The mixture should be cooked on a very moderate temperature for a couple of minutes after which the vegetable stock is to be added.

That is when the soup should be left boiling for some time, until all the vegetables are soft enough. This process usually lasts for about half an hour. Finally, all that’s left to do is spicing the soup according to one’s taste.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned recipe is just an example of how to fit lentil into a soup recipe and it’s just one of the many possibilities. Lentils can be combined by one’s preference, but some of the most popular choices, aside from a lentil vegetable soup, include a lentil soup with tomatoes and a spicy lentil soup.

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