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Increasing semen production

The motivation for increasing semen potency ranges from increasing self esteem to a better chance of procreation. A majority of men are dissatisfied with the the amount of semen they ejaculate, and a large number of women find a larger volume of semen visually stimulating, and semen thickness a symbol of male power and virility. Methods for semen volume increase include, practicing interrupted sex, eating garlic, onion or wheat germs and ayurvedic medicine such as 'Ashwagandha'.

Methods of increasing potency and volume

Delaying orgasm increases ejaculation volume. Heating the testicles by either wearing tight clothing or visiting saunas should be avoided, as well as smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoking not only leads to a lower sperm count but results in erectile problems by restricting blood flow to the penis and impairing the valve mechanism that is used to store blood inside the penis and which ensures erections.

Testicle temperature can affect sperm motility, and alcohol can alter your liver function, which can cause a rise in estrogen levels. Kegel exercises for men are recommended due to their ability to increase sperm volume. Diet, exercise and frequency of sex all determine the thickness of sperm emission, and exercise cannot only increase blood circulation to the genitals, but also help boost the production of testosterone. Physically inactive, obese men are more likely to produce less semen and have a lower sperm count. Considering the highest levels of sperm are produced in the morning, morning or the afternoon is the optimum time for sex.

Concerning diets, celery is a product known as a sexual stimulant, due to the fact it contains androsterone, an odor free hormone which is attractive for women. Oysters can increase sperm and testosterone production, as well as sexual desire, as they contain zinc and dopamine. Similar effects can be gained from bananas, avocado and almonds. Other product that can affect sperm count include beef, lamb, dairy and poultry products, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, beans and nuts.

If regularly consumed, amino acids can increase ejaculate fluid. Zinc boosts both the amount of sperm produced and the sperm’s movement ability.

Large volumes of semen require stronger contractions for release during ejaculation, which in turn can intensify pleasure. If attempting impregnation, sperm count is of extreme importance, and increasing sperm count can significantly boost fertility.

Other than the mentioned methods, there is the option of natural supplements as well as sexual potency pills, which are effective in most cases. These pills are mostly comprised of herbs and other nutrients and are utilized to enhance male sexual function.

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