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Exercise to increase testosterone

Testosterone is widely known as a sex hormone but it is actually more than that. Testosterone plays an important role in a person's general health, well being and long life. Testosterone is a very important mechanism and metabolic regulation and organ functioning along with damaged cells repair, muscle growth and strength and even belly fat burning can hardly work properly without it.

A person who betters his or her testosterone level will lessen the body fat, regrow vital organs, increase the muscle mass, enhance the energy levels and improve the bone strength. Cholesterol and blood levels will be lower if there is more testosterone. With more testosterone a person will be able to restore a youthful immune system and enhance the mood and cognitive function as well. Men are not the only ones who will benefit from more testosterone, women will do as well.The amount of testosterone gets reduced as a person grows older. Some people experience a slower reduction of testosterone than others. The doctors claim that this is the way it should be, that it is a natural life process. However, it is not all true and a person can increase his or her testosterone levels through exercise. A person who is inactive will definitely suffer from the loss of testosterone.


First of all, a person should forget about all those fitness and workout advices he or she has seen in the magazines and commercials. Bodybuilders are not like ordinary people because they work out way too much and in most cases enhance their workout with steroids or some other chemicals.

Instead, a person should look for a fitness program that focuses on resistance strength training. The best exercises are those that involve several muscle groups like squats, dead lifts, bench press, pull ups and many others.

A person should mix the compound exercises with non-competing ones. For instance squats and bench press. The rest will better testosterone production.

Six to eight reps per set is probably the best combination a person should stick to. Lots of experts advise it and the researches have proved that there are higher testosterone levels in a person after eight reps than there are in a person who has done twelve reps.

Experts also agree on the fact that a person who wants to increase the testosterone levels should avoid long and slow cardio workout.

It is essential that a person walks for at least half an hour every day. It would also be easier if there is a friend who has the same goal as the person who wants to increase the testosterone levels. These things are always done easier if a person is not alone.

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