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Herbs for Breast Milk

Some women encounter a problem of low milk supply during breast feeding. This is not a reason to give up nursing your baby because there are many ways to improve lactation. Natural way to promote production of breast milk involves herbs that aid in increasing milk supply known as mastogenic herbs. Theses herbs include: fenugreek, blessed thistle, nettle, fennel, goats rue, raspberry, and alfalfa.


Fenugreek is excellent herb for boosting your milk supply. Fenugreek is native to India and Southern Europe and it is used for medical purposes and as a culinary spice. Fenugreek, like peanuts and peas, belong to the family of legumes. This herb produces hard, yellowish brown seeds that are mainly used. Tea made from fenugreek seeds improves digestion, relieves symptoms of menopause and treats hormonal disorders and sore throat. This mastogenic herb also improves lactation but it may give maple syrup scent to breast milk. Fenugreek shouldn’t be used during pregnancy because it may induce labor.

Blessed ThistleLeaves, stems and flowers of blessed thistle have been traditionally used in “biter” tonic drinks. This herb is used to enhance digestion and appetite, relieve headache and increase milk supply. Blessed Thistle should not be used in pregnancy.


Nettle is very distinctive herb with leaves covered with tiny stinging hairs that produce strong stinging pain when touched. Nettle can be found near streams and ditches, in rich soil and disturbed habitats. It can be prepared as a tea or cooked in a meal as replacement for spinach. Nettle is rich in iron, calcium and folic acid. Apart from being mastogenic herb, nettle can be used for treating anemia and skin problems. It can also stimulate hair growth and get rid of dandruff when used as hair rinse.


Fennel is an aromatic herb with small yellow flowers that can reach height of five feet. It is a vegetable that can alleviate heartburn, gas, colic and upset stomach. Fennel seeds help production of breast milk and may relieve painful nursing breasts when used as a compress. Fennel seeds can also be chewed to relieve toothache.

Goats RueGoats rue leaves is very effective in stimulating production of breast milk. It may also be used for breast enlargement in women. Goats rue can decrease fever since it promotes sweating and can be used for treatment for diabetes because it can lower blood sugar level.

RaspberryRaspberry leaves are rich in calcium, magnesium and iron. It has many medical uses such as relief of nausea and diarrhea and increasing breast milk supply. Raspberry can be used in pregnancy to ease morning sickness.


Alfalfa is a herb with mild tasting leaves and flowers. It is a source of chlorophyll and vitamin K. Tea prepared from alfalfa boosts appetite, promotes digestion and stimulates production of breast milk.

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