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Human metabolism

When one manages to speed up their metabolism, they are one step closer to the losing weight, provided of course that they would want that. Nourishment contains a certain number of calories, and they are the ones that are used up during metabolic processes in order to ensure all energy necessary for normal functioning of the organism. A person takes in a certain amount of food. The energy extracted from that food is either used up for normal activities and processes, or accumulated as fat reserves of the body. Therefore, having quick metabolism is extremely beneficial for people who seek to lose weight.

The set of metabolic processes in the body serve the purpose of maintaining the required level of energy for proper functioning. The rate of metabolism is the pace at which the body burns calories. People who have a surplus of body weight most typically have a very slow rate of metabolism. In order to ensure weight loss, these people need to raise the level of workout they do, as well as modify their nutrition plan. It is very beneficial to eat small meals several times per day so as to increase the speed of one’s metabolism, in addition to drinking plenty of water.

Factorsdetermining one’s rate of metabolism

The rate of metabolism may not be the same even for one person at every stage of their life. For instance, after the age of forty a person’s metabolism gets lower by 5% by every ten years. Also, gender plays a role. Since males generally have more muscles than women, they consume more calories even when they are now working out. And don’t forget the genes – the set of genes that you have inherited from your ancestors will determine how fast your metabolism will be. Also, problems with thyroid gland can be to blame for slow metabolism – in cases this gland is under-producing.

Things one can do to speed up their metabolism

Nutrition plays an important role when working towards boosting metabolism. Among vitamins, vitamin B is the most efficient one, especially vitamin B12. In cases a person lacks some of the B vitamins in their nutrition they might experience a decrease in the rate of metabolism. Foodstuffs that contain significant amounts of vitamin B are spinach, various beans, melons, fish, poultry and egg, for instance. In case you don’t have the option of getting the necessary vitamin B from the food you eat, there is also an option of resorting to vitamin B supplement tablets.

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