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Introduction to gastric illness

Gastric illness, usually referred to as gastritis, is an inflammation of the stomach. If it is not treated right away, it can be very dangerous, since it can lead to serious damaging and life-threatening conditions such as stomach ulcers.

If it becomes very bad, gastritis can be potentially fatal.


There are several symptoms that point to gastritis, they include a loss of appetite, a sour feeling in the stomach and severe discomfort leading to vomiting and nausea, headaches, and giddiness.


The main causes of gastritis are over-eating and the consumption of too much alcohol. Sometimes, common illnesses such as the flu or gout can produce toxins that can lead to gastritis.

An increases intake of acids into the stomach can also lead to severe gastritis.

Natural treatment

In order to achieve a good balance in the metabolism, it is important not to consume very hot or very cold food and beverages, because they can cause a lot of acidity building up in the digestive system.

Dairy products should be used in moderation as well.

It is a good idea to eat heavy, dry and bittersweet food because they will not produce toxins in the digestive system.

Fresh fruit needs to be added to the diet because it helps to purify and detoxify the system, however, not all fruit is good for gastritis problems. The best are grapes, cherries, melons and avocadoes.

These fruits will not aggravate the digestive system in any way.

Some that will aggravate the digestive system and should be avoided are grapefruit, plumbs, olives and pineapples that are not completely ripe.

It is also recommended to stop eating spicy foods. Spices that can be enjoyed in moderation include fennel, turmeric and coriander oils.

Red hot peppers, chili, garlic and celery should be cut out of the diet completely.

There are other remedies that do not relate to food consumption specifically that will help to ease the gastritis and cure the problems.

It is recommended to bathe in Abhyanga and to use cooling oil such as coconut oil in order to soothe the body. Doing this on a regular basis will decrease a person’s stress levels. It is also important to moderate work and to make time for yourself and doing activities that are enjoyable and relaxing.

Yoga is another practice that is beneficial to gastric problems and will help to reduce stress levels, which have negative effects on the digestive system and the entire digestive process in general.

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