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Thrush is a yeast infection caused by the altered balance ofthe yeast and the other surrounding bacteria in the body. Because candidafavors moist and warm areas of the body, it usually occurs in the vagina and themouth.

If the good candida bacteria get compromised by antibiotics,contraceptives, steroids, illnesses and stressful situations the digestivesystem gets unbalanced and causes the overgrowth of candida. Insufficency ofadrenaline and also diabetes can also lead to candidiasis and it causes depressionand extreme fatigue.

Alka-Vita improves cell pH factor and kills candida albicansand supports ATP synthesis, improving energy liberation from the cells.Wormwood is a digestive tonic which fights various types of parasites. Itimproves appetite, strengthens the immune system and overall health as well.

Candida can be fought by means of a diet as well. Freshfruit intake should be reduced to a minimum and one should not eat fruit that istoo ripe. Fruit juices should be avoided as well as all kinds of sugar, honeyand artificial sweeteners.

Food additives and processed food are not recommendedeither. Cow milk and its products such as butter and cheese should not beconsumed.

Alcohol, heated oils and fats and other types of food that compromisethe immune system should also be avoided. Wheat and wheat products should besubstituted by healthier types of food. Tea and coffee consumption should bereduced. Microwave cooked food and carbohydrates are no good either.

Rice, goatmilk and sheep milk are highly recommended. The diet calls for lots of proteinbut that should not come from too much meat. Fish and raw eggs can provide theright amount of proteins for the strengthening of the immune system without anyharmful effects.

In order to support the diet one should take zell-oxygen forthe improved and efficient immune system. Zell-oxygen also decreases thepopulation level of candida and restores the balance of the inner terrain. Itcan also be very efficiently used along with other remedies for candida.

After some time, a patient might require a furthernutritional therapy which will maintain good overall health and well being for a longer period of time.

Primebiotic is very efficient with its predigested live bacteriaand it provides health benefits on many different levels. It also provides andpromotes the friendly bacteria being grown and reproduced. Another remedy that ishighly recommended in the treatment of candida is barley grass juice powdersince it contains various protective factors and possesses antioxidantproperties.

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