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Natural Digestive Enzymes

These enzymes can be located in vegetables and fruits, they are important in the process of protein breakdown and they are full of proteolytic enzymes. Several metabolic activities enzymes carry out as a catalyst. They are protein molecules that break down molecules into the simple substances. After this process, the body can excrete them more easily. It breaks down complex proteins like carbohydrates, fats and proteins. A natural digestive enzyme is the name for enzymes that occur naturally in the human body. Taking of digestive enzymes from the vegetables and fruits will make the process of breaking down easier and functional. There are three groups of digestive enzymes. They are amylolytic, which degrades the starch and carbohydrates molecules to simple sugars; proteolytic, which breaks down protein to the amino acids; and lipolytic, which degrades the fat into fatty acids and glycerol. Other categories of digestive enzymes include papain, aid proteases, maltodextrin, amyloglucosidase, Somazyne, bromelain, invertase, lactase, and cellulase. Proper digestion of food and metabolic functioning is beneficially affected by the digestive enzymes, which remove the indigestion, abdominal cramps, bloating and stomach pain. Digestive enzymes also eliminate free radicals, removes toxins, increases food assimilation, utilization and absorption.

Natural Digestive Enzymes Food

Foods containing natural digestive enzymes have to be included in the nutrition, since they are crucial in the digestion process. If the consumption of these foods is increased, you will have no need for syrups or chemical tablets in order to have proper metabolic activity. We will focus now on the several food items that have natural digestive enzymes. The first one is papaya, which is the natural digestive enzyme found in papaya. It is located in the tree latex and it will improve the skin texture. There is a process that is used to extract this enzyme from the latex, which is toxic for humans. When extracted, tablets are made from it. But, be sure not to eat too much of papaya, since it can produce counter-effect and problems like diarrhea, bloating, nausea and indigestion.

Acinidin is an enzyme located in kiwi fruit and it will benefit the digestion of food rich in protein. This enzyme also has the function of protein digestion catalyst, but it sometimes causes allergies. Next fruit is pineapple, which has enzyme called bromelain. It breaks down molecules, it can be used for arthritis and it has antioxidant properties. Companies extract bromelain from pineapple parts and sell them as pills. Digestive enzymes can be found in apples, tomatoes and potatoes, but they do not affect the digestion process. Problems like gastritis, constipation and indigestion require taking these foods. Side effects are very rare and they only come from the excessive consumption. The food should be consumed boiled or raw.

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