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We all have to take care of our body and our health. Moneywill not give us health since there are a lot of people who are wealthy butthey are having problems with their health. Lifestyle is one of the factorsthat mostly influence the condition of our health. While some take care oftheir body and lead a healthy life, others are not that into this way of thinking.But the fact remains that it is better to prevent then to treat. There areseveral ways of preventing the diseases from occurring and one of them is anatural body cleanse and we will get more familiar with this term and process.

There are many toxins that accumulate in the human body and they need to beremoved. Natural cleanse is one on the ways of eliminating these toxins fromthe system. Each body part stores toxins but there are specific cleanses forspecific areas of the body. Herbal cleansing, liver gallbladdercleansing, parasite cleansing, candida albicans cleansing, ion cleansing, mastercleansing and colon cleansing are some of the most common cleanses available.


There are metabolic and environmental toxins, and while bodycells produce metabolic toxins, environmental toxins are found in smokewith carbon monoxide, pesticides, medicines, water, food and air. Anotherdifference between them is that metabolic toxins are natural and involved inmetabolic processes, whereas the environmental are chemical. The toxins are dangerousfor the human body since they impair the functioning of the cells, but untilthen, they are harmless. Toxicosis is the term that describes the state of the damaged body cells. Prostatitis, thyroiditis, hepatitis, vision problems andchronic fatigue are some of the symptoms of toxicosis.

Removal of Toxins

Body removes these toxins in different ways. The toxinsdeveloped by the cells are removed via body parts such as ears, nose, skin,colon and lungs. Even sneezing, coughing, defecating, urinating and breathinghelp us to get rid of the toxins in the body. The removal of the toxins is the process that can be increased with the helpfrom cleanses. But it is important to be exposed to the fresh air, to rest emotionally and physically, eat healthy food and drink a lot of water, whileharmful toxins need to be avoided. Vegetable and fruit diet is one of the waysof conducting a whole body cleanse. If you do this, the digestive organs willwork less, which will give you energy for the day. You can get some helpfrom the nutritious food, but it will not result in a body cleanse. The easy to digest and nutritious foods, like vegetables and fruit, are verygood for the cleansing, but intake of water is a very important part as well.People who are undergoing a cleanse need to drink a lot of water, juices andeat more vegetables and fruits, while animal meat, seed legumes, nuts, grainsand similar need to be avoided since they are hard to digest. Also, sugar, saltand alcohol should be avoided during the body cleanse.

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