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Some couples appear to be successful on the first try but most healthy couples need around several months to conceive. For decades now, doctors know that certain simple things can improve the chances to get pregnant, so if you and your partner want a child there is no harm listening to what they are suggesting.

Stop the Pill and Have Sex

Yes, many of you already know these but it does not hurt to say it out loud once more – stop using birth control if you want to have a baby. Just quit taking these pills and your body and menstrual cycle will soon become normal and ready for pregnancy. In order to increase the chances to become pregnant, you should have sex on the most fertile days of your cycle. There are some predictor kits for this purpose but consulting your doctor about it is even better and more precise.

Change Bad and Incorporate Good Habits

Once you realize you want a baby, or even before that, stop smoking. This nasty habit is harmful for your health and it is proven to significantly decrease your chances to get pregnant and carry the baby to full term. Also, mothers who smoke are found to be more likely to experience miscarriage and their babies have increased chances to have some birth defects.

Avoid caffeine, which means no more tea, soft drinks of coffee if you want to get pregnant. All these drinks contain plenty of caffeine and affect absorption of iron, necessary for normal conception and development of a child.

Now, what you should do is to eat well. Provide proper amounts of vitamin C, iron, zinc and proteins to your body in order to avoid any ovulation or conception problems. Many women athletes may have zinc deficiency, so doctors advise taking some multivitamin and mineral supplements. To compensate the lack of zinc, you may also decide to eat more oysters. Do not forget proteins, so eat more beans, eggs, low fat milk products as well as fish and meat. Tofu and beans will provide plenty of proteins to any vegetarian woman who wants to become pregnant.

Some doctors advise taking folic acid regularly, since it should decrease the risk of defects of the brain or spinal cord.Get Healthy Weight

Being too thin or too fat is not good for conception. Too little body fat may cause inadequate production while excess fat could lead to overproduction of hormones in female body and negatively affect ovulation and conception. Make sure you engage in some physical activity in order to achieve or maintain healthy weight but do not overdo it, because this can too have negative impact on the chances to become pregnant.

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