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When a couple tries to conceive an infant and is experiencing fertility impairment, there are many considerations to be made. Basal body temperature cervical mucus chart information is very important for a couple trying to conceive because if done accurately it shows the most fertile time of the month for a female.

During the month a woman's hormone levels will surge and drop, by charting and checking cervical mucus, it is much easier to determine the days of ovulation and improve the odds of successful conception. During the first half of the month the hormone estrogen is most prevalent and helps the ovaries produce an egg which is released during ovulation. Estrogen helps during the second half of the cycle during the luteal phase; the hormone progesterone takes over and will remain dominant until the menstrual cycle begins. Each hormone plays an important part in the ovulation process and by following patterns a woman can get to know her most fertile days of the month and increase the chances of conceiving a baby.

Estrogen is a cool hormone, while progesterone is warm, before ovulation occurs estrogen is dominant and afterwards progesterone being released will raise the body temperature. Given these facts, basal body temperature cervical mucus chart information can be very important to couples trying to conceive. Basal body temperature charting can help a couple determine when ovulation has occurred, which increases the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. Basal temperature is the temperature of a woman's body upon first waking up in the morning. A woman should take her temperature before doing anything else in the morning and should be done at the same time each day. The proper way to begin charting is to use the first day of the menstrual cycle as CD1 (cycle day 1) and take the temperature and record it on a chart.

Pre-ovulation temperatures usually ranges between 97.0-97.6 which are considered normal days, once the temperature spikes it is usually a good indication of ovulation. When trying to conceive, a couple should try every method available and before consulting with fertility specialists natural methods could work. Basal temperature charting is one of the easiest ways in which to monitor ovulation days during the month and with regular practice a woman can determine hers with relative ease. With planning and natural methods, many couples are able to work out fertility issues and finally welcome a new addition into their family.

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