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A tubal ligation is a surgical procedure done on a female in order to prevent pregnancy. While most believe the procedure is permanent, there are those women that change their mind and want to become pregnant after having it done. While female's chances of achieving pregnancy after tubal ligation are low, there are ways in which it can happen. Many women desire to become pregnant after having their tubes tied, there are a few different ways in which it can happen and two options to explore when trying to conceive. For a woman that has undergone surgical sterilization, trying to get pregnant after tubes tied can be a challenge.

One option to consider is a tubal ligation reversal which is possibly the option that will work out best. The procedure is serious and a female will more than likely require a hospital stay, but it can be cheaper and less invasive than other methods of assisted reproduction. A woman should mentally and emotionally prepare herself for the journey of trying to get pregnant after tubes tied. For even the most fertile woman, a tubal ligation reversal and the time needed to become pregnant can take six months or more. During this time period, it is important for a woman to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, eat a balanced diet and give up smoking, caffeine, alcohol, drugs or any other hazardous choices in order to ensure fertility levels are peak.

To maintain an optimal fertility level, a woman should keep her body weight in check, eat healthy foods and make sure to engage in regular exercise. Another important thing to consider is the fertility of the partner; male fertility is something that should not be ignored. The man should also give up smoking, alcohol and caffeine and avoid exposing the genitals to hot tubs and saunas in order to increase the chances of conception. When trying to get pregnant after tubal ligation, a woman should consider all the options available for trying to conceive.

In-vitro fertilization should be the last resort, but it is also a consideration for those couples that have thus far been unable to conceive. While a tubal ligation is considered to be a permanent procedure, by exploring all the choices and making the right decisions a couple can still conceive and have a healthy baby.

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