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There are a great number of things that a woman might face when trying to conceive a baby. Sadly, with so many people, both men and women, having to face a struggle with weight, excess pounds can be a deterrent to conception. People know deep down that being overweight is not healthy, but for women trying to become pregnant the extra weight can possibly hinder or even impair fertility. Women that are overweight prior to becoming pregnant can put themselves at a greater risk for many serious complications. An overweight woman can not only have an impaired ability to conceive, but if she does become pregnant it opens up another area for serious and negative consequences.

An overweight pregnant woman could develop serious pregnancy signs such as preeclampsia, hypertension, gestational diabetes, or need to have a C-section in order to deliver a healthy baby and recovering from childbirth can be longer and more grueling when carrying excess weight. Being an overweight pregnant woman predisposes a mother-to-be to many different types of problems, so prior to conception it is a good idea for a lady to lose weight. Having a normal weight can improve the odds of conception and improve the woman's body physically for pregnancy. It is not a good idea for a woman that is overweight and trying to conceive, to ignore the health information which exists or to turn a deaf ear to statistics, it can result in making it harder for her to become pregnant. A woman should always do whatever is necessary prior to trying to conceive to ensure that she is as healthy as possible. If excess weight is preventing a woman from conceiving, the best way to approach the issue is through healthy diet and regular exercise. No woman should ever try to lose weight too quickly or use any gimmicks or over-the-counter medications in an effort to drop the pounds.

Using aggressive measures to lose weight while trying to conceive can result in further impairing fertility and put the woman's health at risk. Being overweight and trying to conceive is a topic on the minds of fertility experts all over the country. More research is being conducted to find out just how much excess weight can impair a woman's fertility. In order to do the best thing possible, an overweight woman trying to conceive should probably consult with a nutritionist and a fertility specialist to work out a healthy lifestyle plan and dietary habits, which will allow her to have the baby, she has been dreaming about.

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