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When a woman gets the urge to become pregnant, it cannot happen quickly enough and the anticipation is overwhelming. There are things a woman should know before trying to conceive a baby and it will help increase the odds of a healthy pregnancy. By knowing how to prepare the body for pregnancy, a woman may be able to avoid any possible complications or unforeseen circumstances which could hinder a healthy conception. A woman that wants to become pregnant in the near future should begin taking folic acid supplements now.

Taking a regular dose of folic acid helps prevent many birth defects and particularly neural tube defects during the first trimester. A woman trying to conceive should take 0.4 mg of folic acid daily, beginning approximately two or three months before trying to become pregnant. A couple that wants to know how to get pregnant quick should always do their best to keep sexual intercourse fun and spicy. Keep changing up the time of day and location in order to avoid monotony and to make it fresh and exciting. Trying to conceive a baby might begin to feel like work if the couple plans sexual intercourse on a schedule and limits it to certain locations or times of the day. Another thing that may help improve the odds of pregnancy is for a woman to lie flat on her back for a few minutes after intercourse. After intercourse, lying flat might help the sperm reach the egg more easily and can increase the odds of conception.

It is also important that a woman has frequent sexual intercourse during her fertile period, the five days leading up to ovulation are an opportune time for a woman to get pregnant quickly. Many couples that have been trying to conceive a baby for a long time wonder if they are doing something wrong. These couples expect that with good old fashioned trying and teamwork becoming pregnant will happen rather quickly, but sometimes it does not. How to get pregnant quick, is as much of a physical as it is a spontaneous occurrence, the female body has a short window of opportunity each month to become pregnant, once the window closes it will not open again for another 28-30 days. Taking everything into consideration when trying to conceive and making it an adventure is what makes it less stressful for some couples. Even if conception and pregnancy does not happen easily, does not mean it never will. By bearing everything in mind and if fertility impairment is the issue, seeking medical help and consulting with a specialist can result in giving many couples hope for their dream of parenthood to come true.

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