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The yeast Candida albicans causes something called thrush. It is very common and most women have experienced it at some point in their lives. In fact it affects about two in the every five women without them even knowing because the vagina secretes hormones coupled with friendly bacteria that help to stop the infection in its tracks. Sometimes, however, it can get out and cause problems when the hormonal balance is off.

When Can the Problems with Thrush Happen

Thrush can strike more in pregnant women but not so much when they are breast feeding the infant. Thrush can also sneak up on people when they are taking antibiotics for the reasons that the antibiotics take away the friendly bacteria that your body has been hard at work producing. If your blood sugar levels are continuously too elevated, that happens among people with diabetes, you will be prone to thrush infections. If you are one of those women who like to wear nylon underwear or clothes that are just too tight then you also are at risk of having a yeast infection. Damaged skin is prone to getting an infection, so if you have scratched yourself a little too hard then thrush could be coming your way. Illness can make you susceptible to thrush as can steroids and drugs because they will inevitably reduce your bodies confrontation skills to infections.Signs of Having a Thrush Infection

There are many symptoms of trush but the most common is itching, to be more precise, insane itching that you just can’t get rid of, the more you scratch the more it itches. This will of course, cause you to have pain when you urinate and it can be sore when you have sex. The second symptom to watch out for is a thick, white coloured, sometimes watery discharge however it does not have a smell. Lastly, the other sign of thrush to look out for is a red vulva, it could possibly have cracks in it and it can be swollen.Other Reasons for Similar Symptoms

Unfortunately there are other infections that can cause you to experience the same symptoms as thrush for instance an infection in the bladder called cystitis. Cystitis can also make you experience pain when going to the bathroom to urinate and a discharge and also itching around the vulva entrance. It’s a fact, out of all the women who have such symptoms and who completely believe they have thrush, only 33% of them actually do have it.

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