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Causes of thrush among babies

This problem is mostly associated with white patches found inside the mouth area, but it can also occur on the tongue. Thrush is a very harmless medical problem that resembles a milk curd, and it can affect babies older than 2 months, but it mostly prefers those younger than 2 months. The infection associated with the thrush occurs when the imbalance of yeast levels in digestive system happens. The thrush problem starts when the yeast number starts to grow.

Babies first come in contact with yeast when going through the birth canal. The use of antibiotics can also cause this problem. This is because these medications kill good and bad bacteria, which control the number of yeast. Because of this, thrush can develop as a response from the use of antibiotics by the baby or mother if she is breastfeeding. There is a chance this conditions changes the patient. Mother can pass the condition to the baby and vice versa. Mothers can pass the condition during breastfeeding, while babies can pass the infection that usually develops on the nipples. Another possible cause for thrush among babies is prolonged pacifier or bottle sucking. To this cause we can also include improper hygiene of the bottle nipples. There are many possibilities that can make the quest for exact cause very difficult, but some specialists say that some babies are just more prone to this problem more than others.

Symptoms and treatment

We have said that it produces white patches, which can be very persistent and hard to remove. Try to use a finger with gaze over it to remove the white patch. If it is caused by the thrush, it will be very hard to remove. If you manage to remove it, area of redness will be exposed, which may also bleed. Remember that these patches can be painful, and may cause crying of your baby during sucking a pacifier.

This should not produce a problem, since it is usually eliminated on its own after few weeks. But sometimes it can be discomforting and cause problems. If this happens, a doctor will probably give you nystatin. Using this medication on the patch will last ten days, during each the application should be repeated several times. Thrush can also be found in diaper, for which a doctor will give medication. Putting nystatin or lotramin on the nipple area can eliminate the passing of the infection we have mentioned.


Yeast can be obtained during the passage through the birth canal and this cannot be avoided. Just try to maintain proper hygiene of the pacifier and do not give antibiotics to your baby without a proper reason. Letting nipples air dry between the feedings is advice by some pediatricians, since, it can eliminate the chances of thrush. If baby experiences pain, baby acetaminophen is given.

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