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Constipation with babies and children can cause a lot of parental worry, but there is no reason for worry as there are a lot of things that can cause constipation. In most cases, constipation occurs when a stool is hard and dry, and the outcome of that is pain and difficulty in passing the stool out. As the diets of baby and of a child differ very much, the reasons for constipation differ as well.

The frequency of passing a stool in children

The frequency of stool passing is not so important if the stool of your child is soft and normal. It depends upon the child. The reason for worry should be if a child is passing a stool which is small and hard, even if it is done every day. It means that there is a big constipation and that a child is suffering. If a child is suffering from constipation, a parent could use natural remedies that are inherited from ancestors. These remedies can help to anyone and they can do well to children at any age.

Natural remedies for constipation

Prunes are ones of the most effective natural remedies. The parents use prune juice with water. You can also try with mixed fruit juice, apple juice, pomegranate and grape juice.

Beverages that are also good for constipation are ginger tea, water and glass of warm milk before sleep. Flax seeds are also good when dealing with constipation in children and adults. They are good as a cure and as a preventive. In the case of constipation in a child, you should sprinkle a little flax seed over the meal so that a child would eat it. Fruit and vegetables that contain roughage are good for clearing of constipation and achieving healthy digestive tract.

Since recent years, it has been discovered that yogurt is good for constipation. It is because it contains specific bacteria that are good for digestive system. If there was a recent usage of antibiotic, flora of digestive system is ruined and you body needs probiotic food. Baths are also useful for constipation. Try them out, child won’t hesitate as they generally like to bath. You can also practice a massage of a child's stomach. It is done with fingertips, gently making circles around the belly of a child.

If there is constipation with a child that occurs more frequently, it can be a sign of a serious condition, so don’t ignore it. You should take your child to a pediatrician, and if a child is in pain, you should visit ER as soon as possible. It may not be something serious, but it is better to let the doctor examine the child.

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