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Eczema is a condition of the skin, it is not contagious and is rather common which impinges on one out of every five children in their school years. It tends to bother most children at some point in their growing years but in adults it can be rather persistent and stay with them throughout their adult life. It is basically an inflammation of the initial layers of the skin called epidermis and can be called dermatitis.Red rashes can appear on the eczema site due to the incessant itching that comes with the disease and symptoms can differ from child to child they may experience red rashes, flaking, dry skin, cracking of the skin and in some cases bleeding.

Eczema causes in babies and children

The exact causes can be different in all children and baby’s. Watch for signs of irritability in your child when using soap on the skin, some children are even bothered by a long soak in plain water. If possible use a herbal decoction or herbal soap when bathing your child and obviously bath them correctly and thoroughly. If a parent buys ill fitting or clothes that persistently rub then you are really inviting the disease to strike your child. Look also at the material the clothes are made from, really you will need to be using one hundred percent cotton. If you don’t, then you may notice at first small red rubs and/or rashes, these can lead to the disease eczema. Food can be a culprit in the cause of eczema for an example eggs, peanuts, broccoli, butter-milk and curds can affect your child’s skin and you will notice this after only a few hours after eating the foods. Eczema’s Natural Remedies

Probiotics, which mean good bacteria, are found in the digestive tract and are live microbial organisms. It is believed that they help to prevent the enlargement of bad bacteria and they are also thought to help with the immune system. It may be a good idea to consult your doctor about whether or not to take a probiotic supplement in your pregnancy or whether to provide your child with them.

Topical Herbal Gels and Creams

Chamomile, licorice, and witch hazel can be used as gels and creams to lessen the symptoms of eczema. Speak to your doctor prior to trying any such topical herbal applications as there can potentially be other allergic consequences.

Gamma-linolenic Acid

Gamma-linolenic acids is a form of an essential fatty acid, an example of one is evening primrose oil.

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