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A lot of parents wonder what to do when their child is suffering from constipation. A child who suffers from constipation will not pass the stool easily and when he or she does, the stool will be hard. When constipated, the child will not pass stool as often as he or she should. A lot of kids who suffer from constipation are often not willing to sit on the toilet and to pass the stool. With most kids, the main reason for constipation is emotional. In cases when the child is emotionally upset, he or she will usually suffer from either constipation or diarrhea. Another common cause of constipation is the lack of fluid intake. Fluids are important for bowel movement. A child will suffer from constipation as well if he or she does not consume enough fiber rich foods.

Natural laxatives for children – infants

Babies who are still breastfeeding need to pass stools every seven or ten days. Older babies, those who are fed from bottles need to pass the stools every couple of days. Parents need to know that it is important to seek medical advice when the child is suffering from constipation. Parents should also increase the amount of fruits and vegetables a child consumes because they are rich in fiber. A parent can also give prune juice diluted in water to his or her child three times per week. A lot of doctors recommend prune juice as an excellent treatment for constipation.

Apart from following these tips, a parent should know that there are certain natural laxatives that help.

Drinking fluids

Drinking the right amount of fluids has many benefits. Water is one of the best natural laxatives because it softens the stools. A parent should remind his or her child to drink water many times throughout the day. Children who do not drink enough water are more likely to suffer from constipation.

Fibers in foods

A balanced diet is important. A child must consume foods that are rich in fiber. Bran cereals are a good option but a child must eat a lot of vegetables like broccoli and beans.


In some cases a parent can gently insert liquid glycerine into the baby’s rectum in order to stimulate the muscles.

Psyllium husks

Most doctors will recommend psyllium husks as natural laxatives for toddlers. A parent can buy these at any nutrition store. Parents just need to know that they should not give more than one tablespoon of it to their child.

Flax seeds and flax oil

Flax is good for the maintenance of a healthy colon. Flax seeds are rich in fiber which is excellent in this situation.

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