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Constipation in Newborns

Stool can cause great problems for the newborns and their parents and in thefollowing text we will discuss about the treatment options associated with thisproblem. The hard and pellet looking stool is a problem described with a termconstipation and it can develop bleeding and pain in the rectal region. Mostparents are concerned with the constipation and they usually visit pediatricianto treat this problem. These dry and hard stools can sometimes even lead to thetear of the rectal wall, which develops bleeding. Constipation is developed dueto several factors, such as insufficient fluid quantity, low fiber diet andexcessive use of cow's milk. Infrequent bowel movement caused by the passing of painful, hard and largebowel, can also cause constipation. This is a circle that looks like this. Thechild usually holds the stool back due to the hard and painful bowels, and thismakes them even bigger and more painful, and all of this causes constipation. Butthis problem can easily be eliminated so it is nothing parents should be too worried about.


The problem of constipation may not even be present since newborns do not passstool very frequently. Constipation is not present if the baby is having wateryand loose stool of whatever frequency. So, only when painful, dense and hardstool start to come out, the baby may be having a constipation problem. In thesesituations, there are remedies that can be used.Breastfeeding a baby is maybe the simplest home remedy possible. Constipationcan be avoided due to the laxatives in the mother's milk. Make sure your babyis taking a lot of fluid and increase extra bottle if your baby is formula fed.The schedule of feeding can be changed in order to eliminate the constipation.Frequency of the feeding may be increased with the use of smaller concentrationof the baby formula, since this may cause better digestion among babies. The baby's dietmay be altered and this may bring results. Low fiber foods, cooked carrots,cheese, yogurt, bananas and cow's milk are some of the foods associated withhigh chances of constipation, while soy milk is advised in these situations. Barley cereals, prunes, pureed pears are some of the foods with high level offiber, and this kind of food need to be introduced in the nutrition of the newborn. One home remedy for constipation in newborns is made by mixing breastmilk, or formula milk, with little of prune juice. You can also try moving thebaby's legs in the motion of riding a bicycle and massaging the baby's stomach clockwise.Also, you can use flax oil, liquid glycerin, glycerin suppositories and otherrectal laxatives. Consult a pediatrician before you start using such items.Also, see a pediatrician if the problem is persistent and the home remedies wehave stated in the text give no results.

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