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Constipation can be a very unpleasant feeling for both, grown ups and babies. In newborns it occurs on regular basis and some of the symptoms include pain, bloating, and decreased bowel movement. Since babies can’t speak, you will at first have trouble in trying to figure out what is wrong with your baby. But, don’t be worried because there are some natural remedies that will help your baby to have regular bowel emptying.

Causes and Symptoms of Newborn Constipation

The causes for bowel obstruction in a newborn are similar to the ones in the cases of adults. These problems occur due to the issues regarding digestion. It is important to bear in mind that babies who are fed with artificial milk are more likely to have constipation than the ones who are breastfed. Mother’s milk has healthy bacteria that help in milk breaking while on the other side, the milk that is artificial has some ingredients that are difficult to be digested. Two signs that can assure you that your baby is having constipation are hard stool and irregular bowel movements. Babies who have constipation are more likely to cry a lot and scream. Other signs of bowel obstruction include bloody stool and hard stomach.

Newborn Constipation: Treatment and Remedies

Homemade remedies are proven to be helpful for the majority of babies who have constipation. You can try with the natural remedy for one or two days, and very soon you will see the results. But if you see that your baby is under a lot of pain, it would be good to visit a doctor. Some of the most efficient home remedies include gentle massage of the baby’s stomach. It should be done for five minutes and in that way bowel functioning is stimulated. Moving of the baby’s legs is also proved to be a good exercise for bowel functioning. In that way, a pressure on the baby’s stomach is made and it influences bowels. A warm bath can also be good for your baby, and the massage after bath will only increase the urge for passing the stool. A good way for promoting bowels to work more often is to increase feeding frequency of the baby and reduce the amount of milk.

If you try out these tips, your baby will have normal bowel movement in two days, and if not, visit a pediatrician and he may include some prescribed medicines that will treat constipation in your baby. In most cases, when dealing with newborns, pediatrician will use glycerin enema and laxative. This condition is successfully treated and there is no reason for worry.

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