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This condition is considered to be one of the more common ones when it comes to smaller children, especially toddlers. Even though, it may have a bit of an unpleasant sound to it, there is really little reason for concern since parents have numerous remedies at their disposal, which are ready to be employed for defeating the condition in question. As for the constipation itself, this particular condition refers to the lack of bowel action, i.e. movements in a child in question, and the child also experiences difficulty in passing stool, or when it does have a stool, it is of hard pebble like consistency. Despite the fact that it is regarded as a quite commonly occurring condition, it never comes easy for a parent to see his/her child suffering unpleasantness due to constipation.

Most common constipation culprits

It is known that constipation can occur out of a number of reasons. When it comes to toddlers these are the following:

Lack of fiber in a child’s every day diet Consummation of dairy products (it is known that toddlers do consume these type of products in abundance) Consuming too little water is yet another reason behind this unpleasant condition In case a child in question is experiencing difficulties with passing stools, that child will naturally avoid going to the toilette in order to avoid the pain that may occur as a direct consequence.

Home remedies to the rescue

Luckily, the number of remedies that are at disposal is plentiful. One of the first steps is to pay close attention to what your child is eating on a daily basis, for introducing some novelties in its diet will be a must. To aid you in this, there is a list of food varieties that are most surely to cause constipation in toddlers and are therefore to be avoided. On that list is food such as white bread, particular meat, dairy products (ice cream as well), bananas, white rice among others. Another food variety that should be avoided at any cost are chips, as well as other ready made food from the snacks family. Another important thing is to increase the amount of fluids your child needs to take, for they are vital for avoiding constipation. At your disposal are various fruit and vegetable-based juices, such as, for example, the prune juice or the apple juice. The intake of cereals and bran is also considered as highly beneficial. Employment of numerous stool softeners can also aid you in relieving your child of this terrible pesky condition fairly quickly.

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