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Introduction to axillary hyperhidrosis

Axillary hyperhidrosis is the fancy medical term for sweating excessively from the armpit.

Sweating from the armpits becomes a problem when it is completely resistant to the any form of antiperspirants or deodorants or any type of odor controlling medication.

Hyperhidrosis can effect almost any part of the body, including the hands and feet, but axillary hyperhidrosis is strictly about sweaty underarms.

This is usually a problem because it can be very awkward and embarrassing in public situations. Everyone is embarrassed when they have a lot of sweat under their arms, especially if it forms a big circle around on the shirt around the underarms. Also, the smell that goes alone with the sweating can also be very offensive to people in your vicinity.

Sweating is a natural process that keeps the body cool. When the boy temperature increases, the body beings to produce sweat in order to keep the skin cool.

It becomes a problem when the sweating is excessive.


The main reason for this problem is an over-stimulation of a sympathetic nervous system.

It can be related to a person’s mental state or the environment. This means that anxiety and stress can often be stimulants for this problem, and it has been shown that these psychological issues have a great deal to do with the problem of excessive underarm sweating.

It usually starts in adolescence, however, it can also begin in the pre-teen years as well. Treatment

Unfortunately, if antiperspirants, drugs for decreasing perspiration and deodorants are not have any effect on the person, the only solution might be surgery.

The old surgical procedures that were used for this kind of problem has definite problems associated with it. The procedure left serious scarring and it took a very long time for the wounds to heal.

It was also very hard to dress the wounds and once they are dressed, it was very hard to move the shoulders. Also, hair loss from underneath the armpit would be permanent.

However, there are new technologies that have been developed, but there are still many problems associated with the post-operation period.

Some of the same problems can still trouble patients undergoing surgical procedures for this problem today.

After the surgery, there will be skin loss in the underarm area that will probably leave permanent scars.

Sometimes there will also be a discoloration and hardening of the skin that could last for months upon months.

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