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Hyperhydrosis is the scientific name for the condition which is manifested as the excessive sweating of certain parts of the body. Those spots are, most commonly, armpits, palms and soles. It happens when the glands which have the function of maintaining the normal temperature of the body, from some reason, start to produce much more sweat than usual, thus leading to the disease of the augmented level of perspiration.

Sometimes, this condition is very hard to deal with, because the triggers of it differ a lot. For example, the hyperhidrosis can be caused by the excessive intake of alcohol and after hot and spicy meals by some strong emotional reaction, and sometimes the genetic factor plays a big role.

Also, it can be provoked by some hormonal disorder or by simply damaged balance of the hormones, such as the case of the lowered level of the hormone called estrogen during the period of the menopause (the climacteric period in the life of women).

Also, there are more severe underlying condition of this disorder such as infarct tuberculosis, malaria, diabetes, some malignant tumors, and certain abnormalities in the functioning of the thyroid gland (e.g. hyperthyroidism).

Before going to doctors, it is good to introduce some changes into the lifestyle. The most important thing is to shower more frequently and to dry the affected areas more thoroughly. And of course the socks and shoes must be worn only when totally clean and dry. It is also advisable to stay away from the clothes that are made from the artificial materials.

If the hyperhidrosis persists, it is good to seek a medical advice and to treat this condition more aggressively because there are some complications which should be avoided, if possible. The most common unwanted consequences are the infections by bacteria or by a fungus usually in the areas of follicles.

So, the conclusion is that the people who don’t maintain the personal hygiene are more likely to be affected by such types of complications. For instance, the fungal infection, called Athlete’s foot is often developed because of the wet and not aired shoes.

Besides those, very common are the consequences of the psychological nature, meaning that the patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis usually have their self-esteem lowered.

So, when it comes to the medical treatment, the most commonly performed intervention is the stimulation of the nerves with the electrical impulses, but only if there is a case of somewhat more serious condition of sweating. But, in the milder cases the antiperspirants are prescribed and they are very effective since they contain the beneficial aluminum salts.

However, the treatment which provides the effect in the longer run is injecting the botulinum in order to stop the nervous response, but it is very painful. Fortunately the surgical procedures of taking out the sweat glands from the body are not that commonly recommended.

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