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ExcessiveHead Sweating and its causes

Hyperhidrosis,or excessive sweating of the head is not as common as with full body sweating,but is just as severe. Excessive head sweating can cause social pressure andissues with social interaction, as the head is not an area that can be easilyconcealed.

Sweat iscaused by the body's need to regulate its heat levels. Exercise produces largeamounts of heat, therefore causing the body to sweat more. Sweat is alsoinduced to rid the body of waste, as it is one of the body’s innate methods ofwaste disposal. Finally, stress or anxiety can cause the body to perspire, asit can rouse the sweat glands.

Hyperhidrosisis often frequently an athyroid issue: the thyroid organ releases hormones, andit is a lack of this release that can cause faulty hair growth, dryskin and excessive head sweating. The thyroid belongs to the endocrine systemof glands, spread throughout the body, and it has the role of sweat regulation.

Treatmentand Sweat Reduction

To treat Hyperhidrosis, stress level reduction is advised. Stress can induce anincrease the sweat levels, further worsening the already uncomfortable state of excessivesweat sufferers. Control of the emotions is therefore suggested to remedy thissituation. Sweat gland surgery and Botox are also treatment methods. Neither ofthese methods is fully safe or certain to work, and any form of surgery can bedangerous.

Herbalmedication is also regarded as a successful remedy, as they harbor no riskwhile still functioning. The Sweat Free Formula book comes with high recommendationsas it contains a plethora of techniques for the treatment of excessive sweating. Itis fully approved and focuses directly on the issue, unlike some websites andhandbooks. Stopping sweating is a futile endeavor, but a reduction in sweatlevels is possible. Drinking large amounts of water is one of the methods, asit aids with core temperature reduction. Exercise is also a method, as thisconditions the body to take less effort when performing everyday activitiessuch as walking up the stairs. A healthy diet is also required, because of the sheernumber of chemicals ingested. The less wasteful chemicals the body contains,the less it needs to dispose of via sweat. A reduction or cessation of consumption of processed food, cigarettes, alcohol or junk food is required. Coffeeshould also be avoided, as it will not only add certain chemicals, but it may also affect the nerves and heighten the anxiety. Sweat inducing foods such as fish,spicy food, onions and garlic are also not advised.

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