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There are the glands in the organism which have the function of regulating the temperature of the body by producing the sweat. But, sometimes, there is a problem of an excessive secretion of the sweat on the certain parts of the body, such as the armpits, feet and hands, and this disorder is medically called hyperhidrosis. So these glands are sometimes provoked to make the sweat and that is more the problem of psychological than of physical health.

But this kind of the disorder of perspiration can be treated with the prescribed medications or by a surgical procedure (of course, if the problem is more serious than usually). The surgical intervention is focused on the elimination of the sweat glands of the specific areas which are affected. The other choice is to interrupt the nerve impulses which connects the glands to the sympathetic nerves. These procedures are done with the cameras and very precise instruments, so the incisions are very small and hardly visible, and they are 100% effective.

The less aggressive treatment includes the using of the medications but that happens in not so serious cases of the hyperhidrosis. The most commonly prescribed are the anticholinergic drugs that are meant to reduce the excessive perspiration of the whole body. They actually suppress the function of acetylcholine, which carries the stimuli to the glands. But, unfortunately these kinds of drugs have a lot of undesirable following effects.

The excessive sweating problem can also be treated with the injections of Botox and even the antiperspirants can be prescribed like any other medications. But, if the cosmetic antiperspirants don’t help the doctor prescribes the stronger solution of antiperspirant which should be put on every evening before going to bed.

Another way to deal with this condition is by an intervention called Iontophoresis. It is simply focused to stimulate the glands with the electrical impulses. This treatment has proven itself to be very effective in the longer run.

And, when it comes to the homemade treatment fortunately it is as effective as the conventional treatment (with the medications). Of course, it should be combined with certain alterations in the lifestyle such as flipping over the shoes during the night (so that they can be ventilated), bathing more frequently and drying the affected parts of the body more thoroughly wearing the socks that are not made from the artificial materials and of course performing the calming-down techniques more often.

So, in the conclusion, the best advice is to apply the antiperspirant on the affected parts of the body and avoid the deodorants since the antiperspirants actually decrease the sweating and the deodorants only eliminate the unpleasant smell.

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