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When someone experiences the constant problem of too much sweat, most frequently under the armpits, on the area of the groins, on the hands and on face and feet, he or she can be sure that it is the case of the disorder called Hyperhidrosis. The mentioned spots on the body are covered with more sweat glands than the rest of the body. Those glands have the function of maintaining the normal temperature of the body, but sometimes, that balance gets damaged and this leads to the Hyperhidrosis as theconsequence.

This condition of the increased perspiration is very persistent and the treatment requires a lot of the patience. It is difficult to be treated mostly because the definitive cause is still unknown. Although it is known that the sympathetic nervous system (which belongs to the autonomic nervous system) is responsible for it, the examinations haven’t yet discovered the trigger for this condition.

One of the assumptions of the excessive reaction of the glands is that they produce more sweat so that it could function as some defensive mechanism, which is the case of overexcitement, for example.

There are a lot of treatments for Hyperhidrosis and their aggressiveness depends on the stages of development of the problem or the seriousness of it.

So, firstly, at the early stages and right away after the excessive sweating is noticed the treatment with the medications is effective. Those medications are usually some mixtures, remedies and creams and their task is making the glands to minimize their functions. It can be cured with the dry sol (and that is called the Topical treatment), but the most popular remedy is Botox, and it calms down the impulses of the nerves of the affected area, having been injected into them.

But, unfortunately, the more aggressive solutions to this problem are also more effective. That is the case of the treatment called Iontophoresis, which is actually an intervention of tranquilizing the glands with the usage of electrical shocks.

Also, the intervention called Sympathectomy can be very helpful, especially concerning the armpit area. It is done under the local anesthesia because, in order to clamp or cut the sympathetic nerves of that area, the incision must be made beforehand.

When the problem of the increased sweating becomes even more serious and if, none of the previously mentioned treatments hasn’t helped, it is advisable to undergo certain surgical procedures. They often involve cutting, removing, or clipping those sympathetic nerves that are responsible for the problem. But, surgery is more recommendable in the cases of younger patients.

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