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Hyperhidrosis is the common name for the condition of excessive sweating of the certain parts of the body. It happens when the sweat glands are provoked to secrete abnormal quantities of sweat from some reason. Since this is very widespread condition and can affect the people of all ages, there are a lot of ways of treating it, such as the medical treatment, homeopathic treatment, the treatment with the homemade remedies, and so on. But, if none of those methods has shown considerable effectiveness, the surgery is recommended as the last option although also very effective especially concerning the excessive sweating in the area of the armpits and palms.

However, there are the three most common ways of dealing with this disorder by the surgical procedures and those are sympathotomy (taking out entirely the sympathetic nerves) the procedure called the local excision (the process of taking out the overactive sweat glands) and the sympathectomy (taking out the sympathetic nerves partially). Any of those procedures are not recommended in the patients who already suffers from the heart or lung-related health conditions.

The types of surgery which involves in taking out of the nerves, partially or totally, are meant to be as less aggressive as possible. For instance when performing sympathectomy the surgeons put the clip on the end of the nerve which is only five millimetres wide, unlike the traditional way of doing it, which is done by taking out much larger amounts of the nerves. After the traditional symathectomy this condition was prone to return on the other spots of the body.

When it comes to the sympathotomy, the sweating never returns after the procedure, and it is almost non-invasive and also very successful treatment. The nervous signal which has the function of carrying on the impulse for the sweating is interrupted actually and that way the sweating is reduced the less aggressive way. But the problem is that this is the newest surgical procedure meaning that is not yet fully explored.

The local excision is most usually performed in the cases of the excessive sweating in the area of armpits. It not so aggressive too, since only little incisions are made so that the overactive glands could be taken out. But although the glands are actually removed entirely and this fact sounds rather disturbing this is the most effective procedure of them all.

Of course all the three types of surgery are done when the patient is under the total anaesthesia.

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