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One of the gallbladder disorders is the forming of the gallstones within this organ. Gallstones are actually deposits of the digestive fluid, which are hard. The gallstones may be of different size and while there are those of golf ball size, there are also those that are as tiny as a grain of sand. One can have just one gallstone formed within his/her gallbladder, but the formation of several gallstones is also very common in many people. The tiny gallstones usually do not require any medical treatment, but in some sever cases even surgical gallbladder removal is necessary.

The gallstones typically cause symptoms when they reach the duct and obstruct the normal flow of the bile to the small intestine. In such cases, the person experiences strong pain in the upper part of the abdomen and typically on the right side, as well as the pain between the shoulders and pain in the right shoulder.

Natural cures for gallstones

It is recommended to try all the natural cures for eliminating the gallstones naturally before opting for a surgery, because there are several natural remedies that have been proved to be very effective when this gallbladder disorder is in question. The people who suffer from gallstone should consume lots of vitamin C since it may help in dissolving the gallstones. The gallstones are dissolved by the acids, and the vitamin C can help the body to make bile acids out of cholesterol. 500 mg of vitamin C taken in four times a day is a recommended dosage for this natural remedy when treating the gallstones is in question.

The people with this problem should drink much water in order to flush the gallbladder along with liver and the whole body, which results in expelling the harmful toxins out of the body. Besides the water, minimum 7 fresh fruits or vegetables should be consumed every day since they are rich in water-soluble fiber.

Taking proper amounts of vitamin C along with consummation of water and fruits and vegetables has proved to be the effective solution when one develops gallstones. Therefore, it is highly recommended to try this natural approach for the treatment of this condition before you chose some radical solution such as a surgery. Natural cures are always without any side effects and cannot impair the general health of the affected person, while a surgery is not so safe and can have some adverse effects, and the recovery takes times and brings a lot of discomforts.

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