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Gallstones and symptoms that indicate it

No matter how painful and uncomfortable gallstones might be,the fact is that there is no reason for people to be afraid that the surgery isthe only solution. There are some natural ways that should be tried out first,because in many cases, they help in passing the gallstones without anymedications or surgery. Sometimes it is possible to get rid of the gallstonesovernight, but this happens rarely, and generally, it takes time to get rid ofthem, just as it took time for them to be created. The size of the gallstones affectsthe period of time that will be needed.

As far as the signs that indicate problems with gallstonesare concerned, pain in the back (between the shoulder blades, to be moreprecise), indigestion, nausea and bouts of vomiting, pain in the upper part ofthe stomach and yellowing of the skin are most commonlypresent.

Some natural remedies that help

Olive oil and lemon are more than common ingredients of natural remediesthat people use for the treatment of gallstones. For example, 20 ml of oliveoil and juice of one half of lemon only need to be mixed and one piece of rawgarlic should be sliced and added to this mixture. The person should take thisbefore going to bed, and then lie on the right side. Supposedly, the stoneswill be out in the morning, and they will be passed in the stool.Black seed oil is also helpful for liver and lymphaticsystem cleansing, and it is enough to simply add it to the daily regime. However,it is recommended to increase the dosage gradually, (to start with 5 ml until15 ml, if the person tolerates it well).Green apples are particularly helpful, but the fact is that anyapples can be used as long as they are organic and spray free. This should bethe only food taken (or raw juice made of apples) on the day of the flush andnothing else.Tea from the herb Quebra Pedra should be used, but in a waythat 2 teaspoons of the herb are put in half a liter of water. However, thistea should be drank only one day, and then after a month or two again.Dietary supplements of vitamin E and vitamin C are alsohelpful for gallstones, as well as essential fatty acids.

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